On Any Day Adventures is the ‘retro idea’ of Elle & Damian. It was created out of the desire to redefine the space & the freedom of experiencing the beauty & vastness of our amazing country, all on the back of a classic motorbike. We do motorcycle experiences in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and the Cape.

All the sights & sounds enjoyed on our iconic styled motorcycles give you the true taste of how our forefathers experienced biking adventures all while getting to touch, see & feel the richness & culture of Africa. Our tours are predominantly for our international friends – specifically our motorcycling community – who have an unwavering love for biking & all things retro, arty & epic. Let’s rock, let’s roll, let’s ride!

Our love for motorcycles obviously unites us all – but there is something more –
something raw &  something real. We have identified this as our need to be given the permission to live in the here & to embrace the now – our way. Our peer group want to taste life & all of its aspects, we want to be taken back to the era of retro, of rock n’ roll & the motorbike riding lifestyle. We share a love of art, of rock & of riding. We make up the generation that wants to ride & experience life, with a touch of old school glamour of course! We want to fill the spaces between the odd ride for freedom, versus the ho-hum of daily work that needs to be done. On Any Day Adventures is a healthy balance of wondering about the future, whilst wandering in the now.

Our purpose is to take all that we love – riding, rock music, art, food & above all, true timeless classic retro styling & combine it with the richness of experiencing South Africa & all its tradition. On our Multi-Day Adventures you can expect an adrenalin rush combined with the unbridled freedom one can only experience once you have truly tasted the vast openness of the South African landscape. We take you off the beaten track to see the real South Africa, taste its authenticity, hear the stories told by those who tended to the grass that epitomises our roots all whilst enjoying the modernity of a classic motorcycle adventure. It truly is a beautiful dichotomy!

We endeavour to keep all of our experiences authentic & true to the
lifestyle that knits diversity together. We want everyone that joins us to feel that they are not only part of a community, but a family. We want you to
remember the significance of South Africa, feel the beauty of its heritage & the taste of absolute freedom of its now. To abandon the idea that real adventure is only for the youth & revive its importance in our wisdom.


Tours to local hotspots in & around Gauteng will also be accompanied by a local guide (also referred to as an ambassador) that is familiar with the area we are visiting. We will take you from Alexandra (also known as Gomorra) to Soweto to experience our history & see the places where the fathers of our young democracy – whom still fight for the rights of all South Africans today – started their journeys as our heroes. We will take you to the tasting hotspots that specialise in craft beer & coffee, to the glorious sensations of Yeoville where you can nibble on delicacies from across the continent. A full briefing will lead into each adventure & all (if any) safety precautions will be discussed.

We aim to bring you the beauty of South Africa & the richness of the community, therefore our adventures are carefully crafted to offer you the authentic experience without compromising your safety. We have personally done these adventures many times to ensure that they remain relevant & safe for all to enjoy.

About Elle

Elle is the Managing Director of On Any Day Adventures & is fairly new to the motorcycle world. That said, her keen understanding of digital marketing & finance is exactly what is needed to keep the company grounded & well represented in the various media channels. With a background in banking, numbers obviously make the world go round & Elle assists in keeping track of everything from the number of riders, to number of nights away, to number of kilometres travelled. Elle has an innate love for beauty! From vast African landscapes to beautiful interiors & above all else; sexy & edgy fashion, she has an insatiable appetite for life & a keen enthusiasm to try new experiences. elle@onanydayadventures.com

About Damian

Damian is the Founder of On Any Day Adventures. With a background in tourism he has been the perfect candidate when it comes to understanding what our clients will be salivating for! On Any Day Adventures is a true representation of what Damian does best; riding a motorcycle, mingling with people, making new friends, finding new & exciting places & organising tours that truly captivate & inspire. His infectious desire for adventure & keenness to try anything new always has our clients’ itching to do more.


We wish to keep the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere associated with bygone days of riding intact, but this does not mean we  compromise on quality & amenities. We carefully select our hotels & lodges to ensure that they are biker friendly & understand the motto that we “live to ride” & as such, come with minimal luggage & change of clothes. This means there is no need for frills & fine-dining attire, but that you will still get an excellent nights rest & wake up ready for the days adventure.

Bearing this in mind our accommodation is always 3 or 4 star selected lodgings with all the comfort & attention to detail.