The fine print

Upon reserving a place on a tour you will be charged 10% of the total cost of the tour you have booked. 60 days prior to tour start the balance will be due.

If you decide to cancel the tour for whatever reason, the participant will have the following penalties:

  1. a) Up to 60 days – 10% loss.
  2. b) Between 60 and 30 days – 50% loss.
  3. c) After 30 days – 100% loss.

Motorcycle hire, fuel and vehicle insurance. Please see each itinerary for details of all inclusions.

On Any Day Adventures reserves the right to amend the tour price at any time prior to written confirmation of the reservation. On Any Day Adventures further reserves the right to cancel or amend any excursions or the tour departure dates provided they can offer the passenger alternative excursions or departure dates. On Any Day Adventures is not responsible for any delay or changes in tour arrangements that may be caused by natural or other factors beyond the control of On Any Day Adventures. There will be no refunds for any part of the tour that might be missed due to personal reasons.

All guests are solely responsible for ensuring they are capable of undertaking the tours and activities. Anti-malarial and Yellow Fever precautions may be required in countries being visited.

It is upon the client to ensure passports and visas, as may be required, are valid prior to departure for Africa. Visas available through visa and booking agents. Please check with relevant embassies for requirements.

On Any Day Adventures reserves the right without notice to make use of any photography/film taken by our staff on the tour for general publicity purposes without payment or permission.

We will do our utmost to keep to the prices that are published. However, if increases are forced on us we reserve the right, prior to confirmation, to amend the tour price.

We cannot be held liable for any delays due to tours not running to schedule. Excursions cannot be guaranteed and will only be undertaken if time and circumstances permit. Departure and arrival times are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to alter our routing at any time between departure and arrival points.

The Participant(s) must have in their possession during the Tour the following documents which must be current and valid.

  • Passport
  • Driving licence of the Participant(s) country of residence.
  • International Driving Permit
  • Personal travel and medical insurance

NOTE: Although certain limited insurances have been arranged, neither On Any Day Adventures (Pty) Ltd, nor its servants, agents or employees, shall be liable for any loss or damage to passengers’ luggage or effects. Insofar as one of the tours may include a visit to a game reserve and whilst attacks by wild animals are extremely rare, similarly neither On Any Day Adventures (Pty) Ltd, nor its servants, agents or employees, accept any liability whatsoever for any injury or incidents to passengers or their belongings. The passenger hereby waives any claim which he/she may have against On Any Day Adventures (Pty) Ltd, its servants, agents, employees or subcontractors (all of the aforementioned being collectively referred to as ‘On Any Day Adventures’) for any injury and/or loss of any nature whatsoever (including, without limiting the generality of the a foregoing, consequential loss) arising for any reason of any nature whatever directly or indirectly out of any aspect of the tour including, without limiting the generality of the a foregoing, any form of transport used for the purpose of the tour. This waiver shall be binding on the passenger’s executors, heirs, trustees and dependants. The passenger records that all the services and facilities provided to the passenger are accepted voluntarily and with full knowledge that they may expose the passenger to injury, danger or loss. The passenger further records that any statement, representation or information given to him/her by On Any Day Adventures (Pty) Ltd shall, unless given in writing, not prejudice this waiver in any manner whatsoever. The passenger indemnifies On Ant Day Adventures (Pty) Ltd in respect of any claim that may be made by any third party against it arising out of any claim in respect of which the passenger gives the aforementioned waiver. This agreement shall be governed solely by laws of the Republic of South Africa.