Treasure hunting in Limpopo with on any day adventures

On any day adventures

This Summer, On Anyday Adventures rides to one of South Africa’s most multi-faceted playgrounds in retro- style, where bigger than life creatures freely roam as nature intended. Taste a unique blend of cultures as you learn about the Stone Age, Iron Age eras that live on through the people of Limpopo. The commanding presence of the Baobab trees in the region, are a reminder of the fertility and wealth of the soil where gold was mined and traded. Limpopo is an awe-inspiring destination hemmed with tranquil rivers, lakes, tall waterfalls spraying over the numerous crops, indigenous flora and fauna, wide open spaces, rolling hills. The tail end of the rugged Drakensberg Mountain Range signs the dotted line of this natural wonder.

Wild rides

A mere +/- 250 kilometers away from the Jacaranda City, is Entabeni Reserve in Mokopane where you will enjoy some nocturnal choruses in the heat of the night during night game-drives. The reserve is said to have five ecosystems that are unique to the reserve, with an array of birdlife and animals outside of the Big Five. The landscape is diverse with rugged cliffs, some wetlands and expansive grasslands for you to explore and exhale. Don’t forget to look up and gaze at the stars on the clear night skies, a site to behold when you live in big cities. Within this lush bracket are a few private game reserves for more wildlife sightings, with the northern part of Kruger National Park finding her home in Limpopo.

Green rides

We turn up the pace in Magoebaskloof for a different kind of adventure where things get bumpy, wet, muddy, dry, high and low, clean, calm and crafty. It must be the greenest part of Limpopo with heavier than normal rainfall in the region. We go deep in the valleys surrounded by rich hills, beautiful ravines, a river runs through it, perfect for picnics and a good swim. Your basket of adventure gets better with a visit to the multi-award winning Zwakala Brewery. They were recently awarded Best Light Beer in the country at the SA National Beer Trophy Awards 2019. This is a micro-brewery where beers are hand- crafted, organically brewed to perfection without artificial processes. The star ingredient is the clear and pure water harvested from Letaba River, with its legendary qualities and tales. The lunch grub is a feast of gourmet burgers, highly recommended by those in the know.


No trip is ever complete without some retro-shopping whilst learning more about the heritage and getting to know the people of the destination. Some of South Africa’s exquisite art-crafts are sourced in Limpopo where women, men preserve and pass on their skills, heritage through art. You will meet Vhavenda, Tsonga people – this are the most distinguished cultures in the area who boast unique skillsets. We love their pottery which at face value look similar but with different symbolisms. Take the Vhavenda people – here pottery is popularly made by women who harvest and mold their ports, decorating them with geometric designs and various symbols using graphite and ochre from the Luonde Mountains.

Whilst Tsonga women also use their hands to make their clay pots, harvested from a river. To test the quality, they taste the pots when the process is complete. If the taste is sweet, the pots are excellent! The pots are said to have a unique character not easily duplicated with modern technology and methods. You will fall in love with their traditional outfits adorned with beautiful beadwork – it is about bright colours and more colour!

On Any Day Adventures has meticulously selected a range of classic motorbikes that are not only safe, solid and comfortable. Triumph bikes are stylish, beautiful with loads of sex appeal. All the bikes come with the required sophistication, modern touches plus features that do not make them look too hard, nor too tame. Here is to real stories behind the places, the unordinary interactions with nature and communities, lots of spontaneous stops! Be part of the retro adventure when you ride with OnAnydayAdventures, uncovers some of the best kept secrets of Limpopo, where four countries meet – Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe. It’s cruise and wild revs during the ride- escapes, but you retire for the evening in superior three/ four-star luxury comfort and style every day on tour! Book yours

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